AnnieGirl Films Presents




A film and workshop with accompanying written materials, targeted to high schools, community colleges and low tier colleges and law schools to inspire and teach disadvantaged students how to be successful. Written, directed, produced and hosted by Anne Moebes.    

To license the Grit film and workshop and/or have Anne present the workshop at your school, please contact support@anniegirlmultimedia for information and pricing.    

What Students are saying

"This film and workshop was so inspiring and motivating.  I learned so many tips and valuable information that will guide me in my personal life and career.  I liked how examples and real life experiences were provided.  The speaker was confident, clear and really wise.  I liked how she provided examples from her own life."

"I enjoyed the video because the speaker was very genuine and I also enjoyed her references and background stories.  Thank you for creating this video."  

"I liked the structure of the whole film.  Everything flows.  It is full of the speaker's personal stories.  Her voice is not boring; she has character.  I learned that you don't have to be the richest person to be smarter than everyone.  All you need is "grit".

"I'd recommend this video and workshop to anyone because it's a great explanation of grit, motivation and perseverance."

"Anne shows students that anything can happen with hard work and not all successful people come from advantages.  I liked that she was honest and talked about her personal experiences. She taught us that we are advantaged if we came from disadvantages."

"Hearing Anne's past made me realize that as long as I change my mindset and develop a passion for my future, I'll make it despite the hardships.  Everything about the workshop and speaker were fabulous."