Anne Moebes, Founder &CEO

 Anne Moebes is the founder and CEO of AnnieGirl Multi-Media. A recovering lawyer, Anne started AnnieGirl Multi-Media while working as a entertainment lawyer by day for Twentieth Century Fox Television (production legal), MGM Studios (merchandising legal) and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (heading up the motion picture marketing legal department from 2005-2010).  She went to film school and dabbled in various creative projects in her "spare" time until she was able to leave the law for good and devote herself full-time to her passion:  writing, producing and directing entertainment and educational content, including award-winning short films, public service announcements, and educational, fictional and non-fictional publications.

“As my father, who I adored, always told me, ‘Don’t be afraid to reach for the stars.’ Which is why my logo includes an image of young girl doing just that. A great metaphor too for the quality of content I try hard to deliver. The name of my company? ‘AnnieGirl,’ which was the nickname my father gave me. Thanks Dad! I’ll always remember you and Mom in all I do.”