AnnieGirl Films Presents


"True Color"

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“True Color” is short film written, produced and directed by Anne Moebes and starring Lynn Wilson and Jenna Morse. It is currently available for distribution by AnnieGirl Films.  Please contact


Sarah is a successful lawyer on the track to partnership. Problem is, partner is the last thing on earth Sarah wants to be. Contemplating suicide, Sara reaches into her painful childhood and unexpectedly finds the courage to follow her heart and change the course of her life. 

Technical Information

  • Runtime: 20 min
  • Sound mix: Dolby
  • Cinematographic process: Super 16 mm


  • Worldfest Houston, Platinum (highest) Award, Student Short Drama
  • Asheville Film Festival, Runner-up, Best Short Film
  • Women in Film Scholarship for Outstanding Cinema Student.

"Making this film was a turning point for me, literally and metaphorically.  What I learned in every step of this journey solidified my decision, like the character, to eventually leave the law and devote my life to my art."